Rs. 800

Laptop cooling Fan with adjustable Stand

Laptop cooling Fan with adjustable Stand

Rs. 800

Posted on: 06 Feb 2023 | Ad id: 7084 | Ad views: 36 | Condition: Brand New
Ad Description:

•  Laptop cooling fan with an adjustable stand is a device         designed to help dissipate heat from a 

   laptop computer. 

•  It typically consists of a fan or fans that draw in cool air       and blow it over the bottom of the 

   laptop, helping to reduce the temperature of the internal     components. 

• Stand is adjustable, allowing the user to position the fan      at the optimal angle for maximum 


• Some models may also have additional features such as        built-in USB ports for charging devices 

  or a built-in LED light for added functionality. 

• This type of cooling fan can help extend the life of a             laptop by preventing overheating, and also 

   make the usage more comfortable by keeping the                 temperature low.

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