Stay Safe Online

Fitkiri is an online classified platform designed to ease trade of goods and services. Anyone over the age of 18 can register on our website and post classified ads in accordance with our terms of use and following our ad posting rules. Users with access to an internet enabled device can access our website at (www.fitkiri.com ) and search for products and services using our search bar, multiple filters and various categorized listing.

Internet is an amazing tool that has bought us all closer then ever before, helped us trade better, given us options which weren't available earlier. Internet penetration in Nepal has grown exponentially over the last few years and many millions of nepalese have access to internet today be it via a wireless router in rural Nepal, to broadband connectivity in urban areas. Besides the easy availability of mobile phones and cheap data packages have further enhanced the reach of internet today.

We advise all our users, sellers and buyers alike to exercise caution and follows these basic safety steps to safeguard themselves against fraud & scam on our platform:

  • Always trade with sellers willing to meet you.
  • Do not wire or send money without inspecting the product.
  • Ask questions and clear your doubts about the product before concluding the deal.
  • Avoid paying in cash for high value items, pay in check or bank deposit as much as possible.
  • Always confirm the validity of non-tangible items like tickets, bookings etc through multiple sources before making payment.
  • Beware of listing with incomplete or dubious looking descriptions, if something doesn't feel right, you are probably right!!
  • Exercise your right to report, if you come across a Ad, that you think doesn't follow our community guidelines and shouldn’t be there, report the Ad.
  • Use public discussion to clear doubts, in case of a dispute you would have a publicly written statement to back your claim.
  • There might be sellers out there who would try to lure you into a service or a product at a price way lower then the market value. please be aware that might be a trap and you might end up being defrauded, exercise extreme caution when something sounds too good to be true!!

Please be advised that Fitkiri isn’t involved with the Ads posted on our platform. We do not endorse a particular seller or a listing. We are not in any way involved with the shipping or fulfillment of a listing and we do not accept payment for such offering. Hence its important for everyone to note that we will not entertain claims pertaining to users being victims of fraud and financial loss.