Bug bounty program

We are a small team and we acknowledge that, despite having made our best efforts in building the site without errors and possible bugs, it is inevitable that a new untested site like ours would encounter many. We are inviting registered fitkiri users and individuals to study the functionality of our website across multiple devices and platforms and bring to our notice any irregularities or bugs with the sites performance and its various features. Bugs would include and are not limited to unplaced broken links, out of place error messages, unresponsive tabs, features that do not work, notifications errors, and security hacks that enable unauthorized use of the system.

All decisions related to the bounty program are final and indisputable, we use good faith and reward the first unique report of an issue, we would in any circumstance not acknowledge a challenge on our rewards.

How to report:

  • Once you have identified a bug, write a detailed email to [email protected], explaining the nature of the bug, how you came across, how it can be replicated with images and screenshots.
  • Include your full name and contact details so that we could get back to you.
  • Please note, findings already reported by others wont be acknowledged.

Allow us a few days to respond to your claim.

What not to do:

  • Your actions shouldn’t in any way disrupt our service and violate user privacy.
  • Always target your own account in the pursuit of bugs, do not try to access account of other users.
  • Don’t report known issues to anyone except us.
  • Don’t use methods to target our network, attempt social engineering or initiate a DDOS ( distributed denial of service) attack.


  • Based on the magnitude of the reported issue, we offer monetary rewards and recognition for such events. Rewards may vary from esewa balance of 1000 NPR to a maximum cash reward of 10,000 NPR.