Question & Answer

Q: What is Fitkiri ?

A: Fitkiri is an online classified platform designed to ease trade between buyers and sellers of goods and services across multiple categories.

Q: Can anyone post an Ad on Fitkiri ?

A: People in Nepal or overseas who intent to sell here and are above 18 years of age can post an Ad on fikiri provided they adhere to our terms of use and follow our ad posting rules.

Q: Can I post and Ad without registration ?

A: No you cannot. You would be required to register before being allowed to post your ad. Registration is a simple process which can be completed by following the registration prompts on our website and by verifying your phone number.

Q: Is phone verification necessary ?

A: Mobile number verification is compulsory for the use of our system. It tell us you are who you claim you are and gives your perspective buyer a sense of security that they are dealing with someone who can be verified. You may however choose not to display your phone number with your ads and rather receive emails for enquiries.

Q: How many Ads can a user post and are there other restrictions ?

A: Users can post as many Ads as they want as long as they follow our ad posting rules. One can post multiple Ads across similar or multiple categories. Each Ad would be allowed to be posted with up to 5 images no bigger then 5MB in size and in .jpg .jpeg & .png formats.

Q: How long would an Ad run on our website ?

A: Every Ad posted on our system has a default run time of 90 days after which the Ad would expire and be taken off public display. Sellers would be notified a week ahead of an impending expiry and also after the actual expiration. Seller can log in to their account and choose either to renew their ad or delete it for up to 7 days after expiration, after which the Ad would be archived and taken off from the seller dashboard.

Q: What is Discussions displayed beneath every Ad ?

A: Users having question about a specific Ad and willing to ask them in public can use this feature to directly contact the seller. Notifications would be sent out once a response has been made to a question. We encourage the use of this feature as this give other users an answer on the same issue you had. Sellers can reply to question asked and edit them later but cannot delete question posted on one’s Ad.

Q: Can I edit my Ad once I post it ?

A: Yes you can. After having posted the ad a user can easily login to their account and edit the content of their ad, they can also upload new images ( max 5 allowed ), reorder them and delete images. You would however not be allowed to change the category in which the ad was posted, if you feel you have posted the ad in wrong category please delete the Ad and post again in appropriate category.

Q: Do I need to mark my Ad as sold, what happens after I do ?

A: Yes, we strongly encourage sellers to mark their ad as sold once you have sold the product. If you don’t, other users might still contact you about it, which is a nuisance for them and you. Once an Ad has been marked as sold, the listing would have a clear marking of “SOLD“ on it, the ad would continue to be available on the site with that marking for the duration of 90 days after which it would be archived. Ads marked as sold cannot be renewed.

Q: Can I change my information and phone number later ?

A: Yes, anyone with an account can login and change all their user detail including their email address and phone number. Please beware that the new phone number needs to verified as well. If one fails to verify the new number our system would continue using the old number. Once verified mobile numbers need not be reverified again in future should they be reverted back.

Q: Are there things that I can do to make my Ad appear before others in searches ?

A: The idea of our search feature is to enable users to find what they are looking for, this could be based on multiple factors like keywords used, filters applied, location searched from, Ads liked, previous viewing history and so forth. However we do favor Ads that are clearly written and explained, posted in the right category with a favorable price and with appropriately sized images.

Q: If Fitkiri free to use , are there any hidden costs ?

A: Fitkiri is absolutely free to use and will always remain so. We may however in future rollout paid features but the core service of Fitkiri of viewing ads and posting them will always remain free of charge.