Selling Tips

Use High Quality Images:
We encourage sellers to list their ads with clear images of the product. Ads without images will not be displayed in our home page. High quality images makes your ad stand out and give your customers the visual detail they need to decide.

Here are a few steps to better images:

  • Use a plain background.
  • Try and click the image in a space with sufficient lighting.
  • Avoid blurred out or pixalated images.
  • Fill the frame with the image as much as possible.
  • If possible take images from different angles.
  • Avoid using image filters, show the product as naturally as possible.

Describe the product in as much detail as possible. Include the brand name, model number, longevity and every other detail a prospective buyer might be interested in. Be sure to include the products quality’s and potential flaws as well.

The best use of this platform can be made by posting your ad in appropriate categories. If you aren’t sure of a category your product or service fits in, choose the next best guess you can come up with. Categorization decides the way your ads are displayed in searches and ads wrongly categorized would appear at places where customers aren’t looking for it.

Always price your product competitively. Remember there are others who are probably offering the same product or service as you and clients these days always tend to compare.

One of the best ways to get more eye balls to your ad is to share your ad link in social communities (facebook, twitter, instagram etc), the more know and see your ad, the prominently it ranks on our internal searches as well.